Thursday, 16 April 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #24

Bet on a Horse

 So in recent years, I spend my Boxing Days at our local racecourse. It is always a really great atmosphere & the perfect place to catch up with old friends, as everyone seems to go! Usually, I pick the horse with the best name & then Nick will put money on it. So I have never officially bet on a horse with my own money! So as many of you will know, last weekend was the Grand National. Nick was going to place some bets so I thought I would tag along too and have a go. I didn't study anything, although I probably should have. Just picked the one I liked the sound of - Balthazar King. For some reason, I felt really strongly that he was going to do well, so I went wild & put £10 on him to win. Not that wild to some I know, but if he came in I would of got £100!

We went to our local pub for a few drinks in the beer garden before watching the race on their TV. It was actually so much more tense when you have put your own money on a horse. I was also completely oblivious to the fact that Balthazar King fell at the 8th fence, so for the whole race I had my fingers crossed for my £100 win! (Lol). I had an inkling is wasn't going well though as I don't think the commentator mentioned his name once! Even though I was £10 down, it was still a really great evening. I drowned my sorrows in some Baked Camembert, had a few more Strawberry Ciders then we tottled on home. I think next time I will probably do a little more research though...instead of just picking one at random.


Thursday Thoughts #18

Happy Thursday!

I found this the other day - I can't remember where but just thought it was really lovely.

It's a positive way of looking at things if you have had quite a bad day!

Enjoy the rest of your week & have a lush weekend.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Whats in My Sewing Box?

As many bloggers to the "What's in My Handbag" tag, I thought I would adapt this slightly to do a "What's in My Sewing Box"! First things first, here's my Sewing Box...

It was a graduation gift from my parents so am not sure where it came from. Can you tell I love Owls? This has two sections, so I'll begin with the top section. This holds the more important things, like needles (for hand sewing), taylor's chalk, my Chako Ace Pen, pins, an unpicker, tape measure & of course my dressmaking scissors. These are my go to items, that I can quickly grab if I'm in a hurry or having some kind of sewing crisis! There are also some random bits like Nicks collar inserts, spare rotary blades, wooden hearts, a spare Sewing Machine foot & 2 Tiddlers cross stitch kits! 

Bottom section - along with my trusty pinking shears (couldn't live without these) & my new rotary cutter, I have lots of other random bits in here too! I have 2 small containers, one that holds beads, sequins & felt hearts & another that holds different coloured buttons (colour coded, of course), safety pins, googly eyes (not sure why these are in here actually...) & another tape measure! Can never have enough tape measures! I also have 2 reels of Christmas ribbon, a bag of random buttons & 2 different widths of elastic. Let's not forget my floral mouse pin cushion that sits in there too! 

I'm actually quite impressed with what I have managed to fit in my Sewing Box! And it's relatively handy things (bar the googly eyes perhaps but you never know). What do you keep in your Sewing Box? Do you have any go to items?


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thursday Thoughts #17

Happy Thursday!

 I have been lucky enough to enjoy another 4 day week thanks to the Easter Weekend, so this working week has flown by for me. Anyway, this weeks Thursday Thoughts is a childhood favourite of mine...

As we all know, "It means no worries"(!) which is how I am feeling right now. Especially with all of this lovely sunshine! So basically, just be happy & don't worry about anything else...


Monday, 6 April 2015

Smoothie Making // Tooty Frooty

 For a little while I have wanted to invest in a smoothie maker as I think they are an easy & healthy option for breakfast / post workout treat. Also our blender has had it's day really. I haven't attempted to make a smoothie in a long time so thought I would have a go, as a little practice run before commiting to a smoothy maker! It was so yummy that I thought I would share my Tooty Frooty Smoothie Recipe with you!

 2 x Strawberries (large ones & 2 extra for decoration if you like)
150g of Blueberries
1 x Kiwi (peeled, of course)
3 x Petits Filous (I used Raspberry ones but don't think it matters too much)

I literally chopped it all up and chucked it in. That was enough to make two small I had to share it with Nick...but it would probably be enough for one on its own. Do you have any yummy smoothie recipes?


Thursday, 2 April 2015

101 Things in 1001 Days #30

Fill up a photo frame with people I care about...

Over the past year or so that me & Nick have lived together (Wow, that long already) we have accumilated a few photo frames with photos of people that we both care about - both friends & family! I thought I would share these with you as one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days!

I love having photos around the house. It's a great way to remind yourself of some amazing memories & is also a great conversation starter if you have guests around. Pretty much all of the photos we have around the house always remind me of something amazing & always makes me smile when I look back & think about it. What photos do you have up in your home that make you smile the most?


Thursday Thoughts #16

Happy Thursday!

It's basically the weekend now - unless you are one of those unlucky ones who still has to work Bank Holidays! But for me, as of 5:30pm today I will be indulging in a long 4 day weekend (sorry). And here is todays Thursday Thoughts...

Ever compared what you have to what others have? Many times I'm sure; we are all guilty of it. But I think it's time that we were all grateful for what we have managed to achieve in life & think of those who are less fortunate. And don't forget, sometimes the grass isn't always greener...


 P.S. Have a fantastic Easter!